Total Siyappa with unfunny comedy and loose screenplay

  • 8th, Mar 2014 2:14 PM
  • SAGMart Team
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Aman (Ali Zafar)is a Pakistani boy met Asha (Yaami Gautam) a Hindu Indian girl and fell in love with each other, but the drama came when the Musician boy went home to meet girlfriend's family who are typical Punjabi's living in London. The hurdle in their love story is He is Pakistani and she is Indian the two favorite enemy nations.

Total Siyappa is intended romantic comedy movie directed by E. Niwas and written by serious writer Neeraj Pandey who shows some serious writing like Special 26 and A Wednesday but this time lack in bringing the magic, as movie is unfunny comedy lacking humourous content in the story.

Total Siyappa is based on a Spanish movie ONLY HUMAN (SERIES QUERIDOS). Neeraj Pandey shows courage to transform the Spanish work into 'DESI STYYYYLE'. The parents of Asha played by Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher as they are reel and real life couple. And the most humourous scene of the film is when Aman meets her girlfriend's mother (Kirron Kher) but thereafter, a few odd instances apart, several episodes fall flat.

The characters of the family are quite bizarre including girlfriend's father Anupam Kher who is family's patriarch. His only job here is to mistake a prostitute for his wife and get a lap dance. The film lacks consistency plot as on one moment Aman feels guilty for killing his prospective Father-in-law accidently and on the other moment he is dancing carefree and joyously with his girlfriend’s sister.

And if we talk about the promos of the film which are able to bring some buzz and curiosity but the film got feet fall down. Crowd expected Neeraj Pandey to deliver a love tale with laugh-inducing situations, abnormal characters and unfortunate coincidences but the writing appeals intermittently.

Ali zafar did extra work by giving voice to two songs "Palat" and "Nhi Maloom", which are catchy but apart from it did descent job in the film. Finally the WORD if you don’t have anything to do this weekend you can go but don’t expect out of the Box or something fantabulous.