Will the new game be too addictive or less addictive than Flappy Bird?

Father of the most addictive and most popular game Flappy Bird is going to bring a new game. Dong Nguyen (Mobile game developer of Flappy Bird) has pulled out with a screenshot of its new game which delineates about the game perfectly. He said on Wednesday that the game has a character that will jump from one building to other. Several players can play this game. Developer of the game twitted in his tweet, "I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while."

His tweet about forgetting the Flappy Bird sounds weired and deflates his statement that he spoke during CNBC's interview. He said that "less addictive version" of Flappy Bird will arrive soon in August with multi-player feature. We can't say will the game addict people more than the Flappy Bird or not? But we can wait for the game to play.

Nguyen's prominent game had removed from the Apple's App store and Google Play Store because people were falling more and more addictive to the game. For this he had been abused by his game lovers many times but he stripped the game in February from app stores. The game had gained much popularity and when it was ready to remove from App stores, its clones had entered in market before the removal took place. And, now the new game will release soon to addict game lovers and to fill the gap of Flappy Bird.