Can a shoe charge cell phone? Miracle done by a 12th standard boy

  • 22nd, Mar 2014 11:00 AM
  • SAGMart Team
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Shoe Charger; it sounds strange but few people are there in every corner of the world who wish to keep the science and technology growing with new ideas and basic principles. An Indian boy who is pursuing his 12th, made a charger which is stowed in a shoe. The charger works on the principle of dynamo which needs to be frequently pushed into the operation to generate power.

Rajesh Adhikari, the boy who smartly placed a power generator in shoes has placed a spring system under the soul of the shoe. The working of the charger is based on the compression and depression of the spring, resulting in proliferating electric energy which is transferable to the mobile phone via a normal charging cable. The charge developed during this operation is enough to light a bulb. But, for sure, the shoe owner need to walk in order to execute the above mentioned invention, and hence, people got another reason to jog and walk.

There are many other little geniuses present who invented such objects in the past. The credentials they received in form of knowledge have been pushed by them in live models for future tradition. Charging mobile phones in 20 seconds, charging mobile phones just by shaking it and solar charging cell phones are few to name them.