Top Fashion Blogs in the World

  • 8th, May 2013 5:09 PM
  • SAGMart Team
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A fashion blog contains the latest fashion ideas and tips by famous fashion celebrities, photographers and bloggers. People get inspired by these blogs and follow the trends of current fashion. On SAG Mart you can find some information about popular fashion blogs that you may need to check out before you have less idea about latest fashion.

These blogs may include the touch of top fashion magazines and the writer of these blogs may relate to them. Fashion blogs include information about latest fashion events and award functions. Get the idea about international brands and accessories through them and make you updated with latest fashion sense.

Here is the list of top fashion blogs around the globe:

The Sartorialist: It is created by Scott Schuman who is a fashion photographer. He left his job of sales and started taking photographs in the street and wrote about the street fashion and designers. He also participated in various advertising campaigns as The Gap, Burberry, DKNY Jeans, Crate & Barrel etc. Schuman also worked for the collection Tokyo Metropolitan Museum Victoria & Albert Museum of photography. He describes about the idea of street fashion by the designers and his blog contains the feel of that idea in the world of fashion.

Hypebeast: Hypebeast is focusing on the latest fashion with ideas related to brand and knowledge. A touch of street fashion is being included with creative blogging and online shopping management. Hypebeast gives you various considerable points regarding street fashion and related brands.

Garance Dore: Garance Dore started her blogging in 2006 and the core fashion ideas behind the blogs are street fashion, photographs and style. The illustrations of Garance Dore are liked by many people and they are related to culture, technology, lifestyle, art, design, culture and jobs etc.

Fashionista: It provides you news about latest fashion and events. Fashionista has a lot of content for you to get updated with fashion news, advices and career etc. You can find fashion tips and suggestions at the website if you are curious about the trend and running fashion. The information provided by Fashionista may help you and clear your confusion regarding the fashion sense.

Cupcakes and cashmere: This blogging site is created by Emily Schuman. She started her blog in March,2008 and the motto behind the blog is to inspire the readers by beauty and fashion tips, interior design and food etc. She has also released her book in 2012 which is a bestseller that provides styling tips and many more to the readers.