How yoga benefits you mentally?

Yoga, the most ancient and scientific knowledge of body originated in India. In other simpler words, it provides integration to mind, body and spirit. Now a days people are highly attracted with yoga as it became an important part of their lives. People now a days are suffering from many problems because of their lifestyle, like spending lots of time in front of computer or laptop, eating junk food on a daily based routine, unnecessarily traveling, etc. Instead of taking and spending lots of money for medicines, yoga is the most preferable exercise these days.

Once yoga became a part of your life, it will change your physical and mental capacity very quickly. It gives you the ability to build strength, and after all yoga is known for building endurance and flexibility. Yoga is not about exercising different poses for hours, it's all about how healthy your lifestyle would be. Yoga gives you intense benefits not only physically but mentally as well. The most powerful yoga exercise is "Meditation" which is pretty much beneficial to improve the quality of your life.

Let's have a look on some important benefits:-

1. It will teach you how to live a moment: - Yoga is the most powerful thing which will give you the ability to live the "right now" moment. It gives you the strength to let the past go and your future fade away and apart from that you can feel your calm and joyful present as well.

Today's lifestyle will not give you this option ever, Yoga will help you to return to your present life. It has the capability, that your thoughts about yesterday and future will fade away and you will start living in your present life. You just need to hold a pose, take a deep breath and focus on that and let the positive thoughts to enter your mind. This positive thoughts will boost up your mental health in a dominant manner. That's called "Meditation".

2. It helps you to achieve emotional balance:- Yoga is very powerful exercise which is open to all age groups. There is no age restriction. It can be done by anyone according to their needs. If we'll talk about teens who are undergoing yoga classes, they'll have more balanced feelings and can control their emotions as well, as they are on growing age. If we'll talk about old people, they can stay fit and healthy by introducing yoga in their lifestyle.

3. It helps you to reduce depression and stress:- As we all know that there are many facets of yoga; For beginners, Hatha yoga will be beneficial for you which is mainly focused on basic postures and comfortable pace and deep breathing. While doing this exercise, endorphins are released that will help you to boost up you mood and promote better stress management.