Is High Carbohydrate food is the reason of Alzheimer and dementia

  • 26th, Feb 2014 2:53 PM
  • SAGMart Team
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Risk of diseases like Alzheimer and dementia may increase through high carbohydrate diet. A theory and research proves that when you are eating high carbohydrate, it may cause over brain's health. Reason of the small rise in blood sugar is carbohydrate products.

To lower the risk of blood sugar or diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia, by eating low-carb, glutten free food, neurologist and editor-in-chief of Brain and Gut journal, Dr. David Perlmutter said that "We live with this notion that a calorie is a calorie, but at least in terms of brain health, and I believe for the rest of the body as well, there are very big differences between our sources of calories in terms of the impact on our health."

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a mental process of memory disorder. It is a disease which affects memory, language and attention. Dementia’s most common form is Alzheimer. People find difficulty to use the correct word and complete everyday task. Even they forget about where they live, where they are going etc.