Top Health Related Smartphone Apps in 2014

Health related issues are common in today’s hectic life. People don't take their health seriously until they get sick. But, there are some people who always think about their health and do anything to improve fitness. So, to live healthy lifestyle these days people take help of health related mobile applications. With these apps they can get all the solutions of their fitness and diet related queries. There are so many health apps available but few of the following are some best apps those can be helpful for people.

Sleep Talk Recorder: This app is available for both iPhone (for $0.99) and Android (free). According to health specialist, nearly 50% of children and 3% of males speak at night. So, this app records what you speak at night and save them in the timeline for easy navigation. The best thing is that you can share the sound you or your child made at the night.

Pocket First Aid and CPR: This app is available for both iPhone as well as Android at a cost of $1.99. This app gives you the complete information regarding emergency, injury, or any other miss-happening. The remedy available in this app is specially provided by American Heart Association, the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary health organization.

Simple: This app is available for only iPhone for $2.29. it comes in use when a person faces headache or shoulder pain. There are 20 symptoms that are to be checked for the actual problem. The export option is also available in this app. Hence now whenever you face any such problem, find the symptoms and forward the exported result sheet to your doctor for instant feedback. Sometimes, it is highly required to know the ingredients of any drug. So app is the destination. It is freely available in Apple as well as Google Store. It is having a huge drug database that allows you to search for any particular drug and gain knowledge about it. The details can also be grabbed by entering the imprints, color and shape of the pills.

Whole Foods Market: In the era where almost everything has become digital, the recipes can't remain untouched. This utility is having a collection of nearly 30,000 recipes. Once you find a recipe to make, you can add it into your shopping list. Or you can also select a recipe as per the ingredients you are currently having with you. It is available for free in Apple Store.

Garmin Fit: We always miss a trainer while doing a workout. With this utility you can keep a track on distance you have traveled, calories burned. All these data is kept as history for further motivation as well as data record. It can be installed in iPhone as well as Android after paying $0.99 for each.

KidsDoc: It is a wish of every parent to remain attentive towards their child's health and find a remedy for any of the issue. Here is KidsDoc with 99 symptoms that your child might have. You can get the required medical suggestion from the symptoms you find relevant with your child's current condition. But to make use of it in either iPhone or Android smartphones, you have to pay $1.99.

So make use of these apps in your day-to-day life and remain fit and healthy.