Heat Gun, Razor and Suction Pump yields Clear Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung handsets have always been a boon to the industry with the new inventions and carry features every time. With the firm innovations, the device called Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is once again in news. The reports says that, the back panel of the device carries a transparent look that is covered inside by a blue shield.

As the monologue, the things we like are to be clear to look. The best way to make your gadget look more futuristic and all-powerful is to make it clear. With this approach, the Reddit user Skarface08 does this. The user tries to shield out the transparent glass from the opaque back.
Galaxy Note 5
The process involves the following steps to do the task. Firstly, a suction pump and heat gun extracts the glass panel out of the smartphone. Then the razor was used to proof out the blue colored skin inside of the glass. It finally, washed out to be the Transparent Glass at the back panel.
Galaxy Note 5 back
The clear glass has the ability to look inside of the smartphone, fitting to the edge smoothly. It helps user to look out, what is inside and can detect the necessary elements along with the ports provided. This approach is easy but needs will and power to do so. You have to be careful as the device is a costly gadget launched. Furthermore, this experiment voids out the warranty provided over the device by the company. So it is necessary to think twice before the experiment to be performed.