LG Introduced QHD Panel with Advance Features ahead of G4 Launch

The leading tech company LG has packed all stuff to announce its next flagship on April 28, but what we have seen ahead of this launch, the display of the upcoming LG G4. Yes, the tech juggernaut doesn’t leave a chance to surprise people and this time, a 5.5-inch QHD display has helped them by coming out ahead of product’s official launch.

On Friday morning, soil of Korea was glittering with the shine of LG’s new 5.5-inch QHD LCD panel. This new panel has been introduced for smartphones which will enhance all the features which you won’t experience in any smartphone. LG has claimed for 1,440 x 2,560 pixels resolution and 538ppi pixel density.

Several other features are also there which you have got enhanced with this new display. Color gamut has completely improved with 120 percent. This high percentage makes this screen to show more rich and accurate colors. If it does so, then this new QHD panel will beat Apple in terms of screen quality as the iPhone 6 has 100 percent color gamut. Company has worked hard and did lots of efforts to make it happen. For that, it has combined blue LED chip with red and green phosphors.

How can one forget the brightness and contrast. Both have also got revamped. 30 percent improvement in brightness can be seen in this new QHD screen which you haven’t seen yet in any other QHD panels. And the most important thing is that it will not consume much power to offer such high brightness. The contrast ratio has also been increased by 50 percent.

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The manufacturer has also got success in making touchscreen more sensitive with Advanced In-Cell Touch technology. This technology enables the display to detect touch even if it’s wet. For all these enhancements, Intertek has certified the maker’s this 5.5-inch QHD display which is supposed to show competency in LG G4.

Source: lgdnewsroom.com