LG-made Nexus 5 to sport 3D Camera with Android M [Video]

Nexus 5 was buried under the heap of news, soon after Google launched the Google Nexus 6. The collaborative product of Google and LG, which was announced in October, 2013. It is being speculated that LG is going to relaunch Nexus 5 in an all new design. Apart from this, Huawei is also reported to launch a Nexus mobile in collaboration with Google, which is rumored to be named as Huawei Nexus 6.

The details of this LG Nexus are also revealed by OnLeaks. The one from Huawei will sport a 5.5-inch or a 5.7-inch display, whereas the LG Nexus is anticipated to be launched with 5.2-inch display. The LG-made mobile is also given a rear fingerprint scanner similar to what the company has experimented with LG G3 and G4 models. The scanner will be present below the camera. Apart from that, its front panel will be equipped with dual-stereo speakers. It is also speculated that it will be provided with 3D camera and will run on Android M.

A video has also been publicized which gives a glimpse of the upcoming Nexus smartphones. In the video, it is easily visible that both Nexus are embedded with C-type USB port, that can be used for charging as well as media sharing purpose. The smartphones are given metallic build too. No specified date of its launch has been disclosed till yet, but they are expected to be launched somewhere in September or November.

Source: OnLeaks, uSwitch