Microsoft Brings New File Manager App, name it Files

Microsoft is coming with lots of updations and innovative ideas after acquiring Nokia. Now the company has come with its new funda which is a most significant decision of the company. Now Windows phone is getting file manager app for browsing files without going folder by folder.

This new app is a boon for Windows Phone users. It removes the irritation of going through app by app or document by document for searching any specific file. The new app is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 only. Which is found in newly launched devices and some devices also which are coming with option of upgradable Windows phone 8.1 OS. Microsoft has introduced its new File Manager app on May 30, 2014.

It is available on Windows Phone store to download for free. It comes preloaded with new handset of Nokia Lumia 630. Now the new file manager app Files has been reached for Windows phone users with unique features. Preview of the device is also available for users. This is possible by simply “singing up as a developer.”

Files stored on SD card and phone memory can now easily be accessible by using this app. It also reduces the hassle of sharing multiple files and finding any specific file or document. It is also blessing the users with options of creating basic folder, copying, renaming, moving and deleting functions. Though, this Files app has been launched but it's not available for all Windows phones.