No Jelly Bean any more, Android 4.4 is now KitKat

  • 4th, Sep 2013 4:46 PM
  • SAGMart Team
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Google has shocked everyone by changing the name of its new version under Android 4 series. So Jelly Bean is not available anymore as Android 4.4 is going to be known as KitKat. Nestle is agreed upon taking the name of its most selling chocolate bar. The deal is closed without any money exchange and according to the director of Android Global Partnership John Lagerling, this deal has been finalized with no-money exchange.

Apart from this, KitKat wrappers are also in a touch of new Android version. This naming idea came in November 2012 but the final seal was given in February in Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. The previous versions have also got famous with the names of some mouth watering delights as Eclairs, Froyo, Donut, Ginger bread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Now the Nestle chocolate bar KitKat started this campaign with Google for its new version. The staff and major officials are ready to introduce this latest installment, so wait for Android KitKat to enjoy chocolaty applications.