Oppo Find X 5G Network Smartphone Showcased in China

Oppo has showcased the concept phone of the first 5G network device of the Find X at the event conducted at the China Mobile Global Partners conference in Guangzhou, China. The Chinese tech giant stated that we have been continuously working with industry partners like Qualcomm to develop a 5G network technology.

Oppo reported that the Find X concept phone has been equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 SoC and Qualcomm X50 5G modem. At an event in China, Oppo has showcased the data connectivity and applications information about the 5G network technology and it includes browsing, online video replay and video call by utilizing the prototype. Brian Shen, Oppo Global Vice President and President of China Business, claims. “We are confident Oppo will be one of the first companies to launch commercial 5G smartphones in 2019,”

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Now it is confirmed that Oppo will be the world’s first company to introduce its first 5G ready device in 2019, claims company.

Oppo says that, since 2015, we have been working on 5G standards, product R&D and the exploration of applications. In May this year, the Oppo has successfully completed the testing of world’s first 5G 3D video call featuring structured light technology and proposed the concept of “Ubiquitous Reality”. And later in August, the company got success in first 5G signalling and data connections on a smartphone. Finally, in October Oppo became the first company for the successful completion of the testing of 5G Internet connection on the smartphone.

Recently, the company has successfully done video call on a smartphone by using 5G network technology. The Video call has been done on WeChat by utilizing a 5G network. Various Engineers from six Oppo R&D have participated in the video call at 12:57 am CST time, though the engineers who have participated in the video call are located in different parts of the world. The company has observed that the duration of the video call was nearly 17 minutes at a bandwidth of 100 MHz.