Oppo N1 Smartphone with 206 degree rotating camera in India

  • 29th, Jan 2014 11:51 AM
  • SAGMart Team
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Oppo is a Chinese brand which is doing great over there. This company is bringing its smartphone N1 to India which makes a gateway for the company in India. The phone is specially designed with futuristic features which include rotating camera, new user interface based on Android operating system, high speed processor, bigger RAM etc.

Oppo N1 is a super smartphone which has a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 SoC processor which makes every task comfortable with the assistance of its 2GB RAM. There will be two choices available in internal memory which includes 32 GB and 64GB. The display unit grabs one's look with 5.9 inch 1080p IPS touch screen. The 6 piece lens camera is clocked to capture the images with clarity of 13 mega pixels. This camera is supported with CMOS functionality with added benefit of Fujitsu IPS imaging chip. The camera can be rotated upto an angle of 206 degree. This rotation has been checked 1,00,000 times which means this feature will work good upto seven years when rotated 40 times a day. A Bluetooth accessory ring is also on charts which provide ease of finding phone as well as remotely clicking the images.

Apart from this ring, user can also use the rear touch panel of this phone which supports gesture input as the Bluetooth ring will probably not make its way to India. The phone supports almost every connectivity aspect including quad band GSM, Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI, NFC, GPS etc. The battery powering all these functions is a 3610 mAh unit which is massively good.