Samsung Galaxy A Series Rumored to hitch Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has launched a number of Galaxy series smartphones over the years. It has become the heartbeat in Indian Cellphones Market. With the era, it keeps on updating its series handset with alluring features to be added to the list and with additional support to make the way easier. Recently, it has been rumored to feature the fingerprint scanner in the successors of the existing Samsung Galaxy A series handsets like Galaxy A3 (2016), Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A7 (2016) and Galaxy A9.

The smartphones will carry the fingerprint feature in the home button which will automatically detect the prints when touched. The reports rumored by HDBlog writer Antonio Monaco, but it has not been confirmed by the juggernaut. This feature is till date provided by the higher series devices as Galaxy S series and Note series. Samsung Galaxy Alpha had also introduced this feature earlier, but it never built up for Galaxy A-series.

A report exposed that Fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay mobile payment may take place soon in Samsung budget smartphones. Fingerprint scanner and Pay mobile payment feature will be eye-catching for the customers having a budget limit. One of the major obstacle in the acquisition of the cellphone may be its price. The details for now are limited regarding the launch of the feature in the low-budget smartphones.