Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 Have Microphone Issue

When we decide to purchase a smartphone or a regular phone, one thing is very clear in our mind that the call must be made without any interruption. Recent reports are noted down by Pixel 2 users that they are suffering from the microphone issues. The issue looks like impacting other devices also. At present, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 users are complaining about the same microphone issue in their respective smartphone unit.

Amazingly, the smartphone with microphone issue has spread as Samsung users informed the mic issue months lately although the issue is not informed officially by the company yet.

Astonishingly, it can be possible that the microphone issue is to be get corrected with the same solution of Google pixel users told, which is to blow air in a bottom speaker to make it work. As rumored previously, the same temporary solution was applied by the Pixel 2 users who are suffering from the microphone issue. Some Samsung smartphone users suffering from the issue have put out their disappointment on company’s official forum for the mentioned smartphones. The Reddit user who previously mentioned about the Pixel issue also reported about the mic issue in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. Some smartphone users have come up with the solution by putting respective mobile on the loudspeaker to resolve the issue.

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The issue with microphone looks almost identical for Pixel 2, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 smartphone users. The microphone actually malfunctions during the calls, when the user makes a call, the microphone doesn’t work properly. The microphone is also interrupting when the user gives a voice command. As the companies are not informing users about the issue, it has been speculated by the users that the issues on smartphones are related to hardware setups.

Some users also informed that they overcome this mic issue by downgrading the software version in a smartphone or by uninstalling or disabling the relevant app. Till the Google and Samsung inform about the real problem with the mic, the wait is the only way resides with us.