Sharp Develops 4K IGZO Display: Whopping in Quality

The Japanese Electronic products manufacturing Company has made the world to give the jaw-dropping expression by presenting the biggest invention in the fray of sharp displays. The Company has come out and showed its bizarre invention to bless people with a pleasure of getting something more advanced and improved in LCD technology.

Sharp has made the sharpest screen that is a 4K IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide) LCD panel. This great display is sharp enough to offer 736 pixels per inch on a 4.1 inch screen. Sounds so great, an ordinary sized screen can offer such great pixel density, no one could imagine ever. That is 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution which this new display will be offering.

Sharp develops 4K IGZO Display

Company has also said that the same will soon be reached on smartphones and will definitely make people to fall in for its great picture quality. So, the future of smartphones would get changed, whenever the new display will be reaching to devices with its alluring quality. Later we will be seeing the new 4K IGZO display on smartphones, but there would be a catch. It may happen that the phone could get dumped, if it won’t get enough juice, as the sharpest display would need the more battery capacity.

If the phone with good battery capacity will be toting with this sharpest screen, then no one could deny from that specific smartphone has an ultra high resolution display. If comparing with few quality smartphones, then this new 4K IGZO would be far better than all those smartphones like iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and many more. The Company has also said that the new screen won’t only introduce on smartphones, but TVs, PCs, tablets and laptops will also bear the same. All are set, but all of you techie people will have to wait as the screen will go into mass production in 2016.

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