Snapdragon 810 for OnePlus 2! Will be Capable in Handling Heating Issue?

The much anticipated OnePlus 2 seems doesn’t want to take single pause from lots of tittle-tattle. After going through horde of canards, the upcoming handset of Chinese juggernaut has caught in hearsays. Specification of the OnePlus 2 has been talking over web. A Facebook post has been appeared to give an official confirmation for its specs side.

The Facebook post has made an official confirmation that the upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone will get the power from Qualcomm’s high-end chipset Snapdragon 810 which has 8 cores for boasting performance. The same processor is currently powering lots of premium handsets like LG G Flex 2, hTC One M9 etc.

You may be thinking that what will be the fate of OnePlus’s next flagship killer if it’ll take the power from the chipset which is caused for bringing overheating problem is smartphones. Well, OnePlus has responded against this issue and claimed that this will never happen with its second flagship kiler. As per the Chinese gargantuan, they are all known from this overheating problem which will hamper the silicon chip. So, it will need some extra cure and precautions.

To keep precautions, company will use the chipset’s v2.1 version which has updated hardware and software. Not only the version has been improved of this SoC, OnePlus is going to engineer with thermal gel coating. Graphite coating on the other side dissipates the heat to make the second flagship prone to overheating.

Well, cutting the fieriness of this chipset, company will make it prone from heating. As company says, "after rigorous testing, the OnePlus 2 meets the industry standard for phone temperature, even with hours of use."