Top Alluring features of Windows Phone 8.1

Ever since Windows Phone 8 was launched for windows mobiles as well as touch screen laptops, it gained less attention from the customers. Recently Windows launched an update named Windows 8.1 for the earlier Windows Phone 8 to solve some issue. But even then, not much of audience was gained. There were some reasons for that outcome. Actually it was basically designed for touch screen gadgets, so in no touch devices it will be taken as any upgradation. It will be used in the similar way as Windows Phone 7 was being used. Also the Interface added to it is totally makes it a touch screen dependent OS. It seems to be irritating to use it in a no touch device. But there are few reasons why a user will like Windows Phone 8.1. So read about the positive points that you should know about Windows Phone 8.1:

New calender View: Windows Phone 8.1 is coded with a new designed calendar. One week calendar is shown on complete screen with month's calendar on the right bottom corner. Also the calendar's basic details are available at the home screen which on taping will take you to the events fixed on that particular day.

Temperature and weather feature: It is added with a new feature of temperature and whether which allows you to get the info of complete one week. It is having an icon on the calendar that will let you know about these details for a particular day. Apart from this, you can set the traffic alert too to know the traffic before starting your journey.

Notification panel: Just like Android OS, Windows Phone 8.1 too has supplemented with the notification panel but with some more extra widgets. Now when you will scroll the screen from top to downward direction, a notification center will open enclosed with the information of WiFi, Profile, Bluetooth, GPS added with the alerts from Facebook, Google+ and other social media portals.

Swype Feature: In the scenario of competition, Windows Phone added the Swype trait to help better typing through the virtual keyboard. With Swype, you can write a singl word by running your finger from one word to another. This feature was already granted to Android.

Integrated with Apple iCloud:

As it is accessed by Microsoft that many of Windows users own an Apple product, hence, they have integrated windows with Apple iCloud feature. With this, you can synchronize with your apple cloud for email, calendars, contacts etc. Any update made to Apple iCloud will automatically update the app in Windows phones.

After the update of Windows Phone 8.1, it would become the world's second most popular OS.