Xiaomi In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Under Development

Xiaomi Co-Founder and President Lin Bin have started teasing about the next-generation in-display fingerprint scanner on the Chinese social networking website Weibo. It looks like that Xiaomi upcoming fingerprint scanner is under development, as of now we don’t know when actually it would be available in the commercial smartphones. In the current line up of Xiaomi smartphones, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition is the only smartphone that comes with under- display fingerprint scanner.

Lin Bin posted on Weibo recently that Xiaomi's upcoming in-screen fingerprint scanner is touted to resolve two issues. Firstly, it unlocks the phone in just a few seconds no- need to tap again and again. Secondly, it does not require any space as it is positioned under the screen of the device. Many of the smartphone manufacturers have offered under- display fingerprint scanner in its flagship smartphones namely OnePlus 6T, Mate 20 Pro, Vivo Nex, Oppo R17/ R17 Pro as this technology has been trending in the smartphone industry.

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According to the company, just by tapping once, users would be able to unlock the device in the new in-display fingerprint sensor. The users just have to tap on the screen with the registered finger and automatically the device unlocks and the user immediately works on the apps of the phone and there is no need to tap again and again when the phone gets unlocked.

Currently, in the fingerprint scanner implementation, the users are required to tap at least two times to open any app. Xiaomi has been working to eliminate the second tap.

Xiaomi upcoming fingerprint sensors would help to increase the active area manifold. As per the information provided by the company, it seems that the new in-display fingerprint sensor would cover nearly 25mmx50.2mm the total active sensor area which could cover a noteworthy portion of the screen that allows users to unlock the device by tapping any of the places on the screen.

The Oppo owned next-gen fingerprint scanner has been showcased by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer in the previous week which the company claims 15 times efficient than the current fingerprint scanners. Although, the Oppo has not disclosed the dimensions of an active area like Xiaomi.

Currently, Xiaomi’s President Lin Bin has not disclosed the particular timeline to showcase its own under- display fingerprint scanner. He said that if the Xiaomi fans like the implementation of a fingerprint scanner after that the company will actually provide in the commercial smartphones.