Block wearables brings the Customization @CES2015 with 6 Add-ons

Blocks Wearables demoed its bizarre smartwatch at CES floor which almost thrilled the onlookers with its customizing feature. Company had earlier made announcement for developing a modular smartwatch and finally the prototype of such wearable has been seen on the soil of Las Vegas.

However, it was hard to describe the functionality of it, but we collected the whole concept behind the wearable. The center of attraction in the Block Wearable is its watch face. This has everything including the screen which a smartwatch needs to show its capability and functionality. You can also expand the usability and capability of such smart wearable by adding some small modules as add-on.

On the functionality side, it almost acts like Pebble. Notification and alerts can be switched to your smartwatch from smartphone. The wearable will give you the option of six additional add-on modules which will improve the capability of the Block. Extended battery links, heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, microphone, a SIM card slot, and a module for contactless payments. All these work in order to increase the usability of wrist-worn watch.

This device will be going to sale by end of the year and will launch on Kickstarter. The main watch face will be priced at $150 and each add-on will cost around $20 to $40. A video is shown below to take a glimpse of the functionality.

You can grab any shape of watch faces as it will come with rectangular, circular touchscreen faces.  You can customize both – the functionality and the aesthetic.