Casio is Bringing Its First Android Watch

Casio is also joins the lineup of manufacturing the smartwatches. The company has unveiled its first ever Android smartwatch dubbed as WSD-F10. The smartwatch might just be the the most durable and rugged smartwatch we have ever seen.

The company claims that it is bringinging the watch with the latest water resistant technology, which ensures that it can survice depths of up to 50m. It has a number of sensors which make it ideal for the outdoorsy type. It is mechanized with the pressure sensor for measuring air pressure and altitude, alongside a magnetic sensor to enable its compass feature as well as the usual accelerometer and gyroscope.

The watch does a fantastic job by differentiating itself from the other competitors by offering two highly desirable features such as super tough body and a long lasting battery mode. The device has the round dual layer display with both color and monochrome screen. It has the color resolution of 320*300 pixels. With its monochromatic screen, it will last up to 30 dayts before you have to plug it back in using the magnetic charger.

The WSD-F10 comes loaded with a number of useful apps and custom Casio watch-faces. Among them are the View Ranger GPS app for outdoor trekking, Runkeeper fitness app for tracking and recording runs and MyRadar weather app.

The Casio didn't revealed any specific battery capacity or processor specifications and its availability in its press release.