Flipkart Launches 2GUD Platform For Refurbished Products

The Walmart-owned, Flipkart has recently launched a new e-commerce platform called with 2GUD.com for selling particularly refurbished products. 2GUD portal works similarly to other e-commerce platforms but here you will get only refurbished products at an economical price for value buyers.

Presently, mobile phones, laptops, smart watches, tablets and streaming devices have been listed at 2GUD portal which the users can choose among and purchase them. It is assumed that Flipkart will also add speakers, power banks, smart assistants, hair dryer, hair straightener, TV sets and other 400 product categories at 2GUD e-commerce platform soon.

Flipkart reported that, all of the refurbished products that have been listed on 2GUD are certified with warranty, tested by the professionals and graded on the basis of the physical condition of the product. 2GUD platform have been categorized products in four different categories namely, Refurbished Superb, Refurbished Very Good, Refurbished Good and Refurbished Okay. Furthermore, Flipkart's 2GUD platform will offer assured warranty for the period of 3-12 months on refurbished products and during that period the user can avail service on their product at 140 authorized service centres across India.

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Currently, the users can operate the Flipkart's 2GUD platform only at mobile but sooner it will be made available at desktop web interface and mobile app.

According to Krishnamurthy, "As a market leader, Flipkart has always tried to solve for India and offer a more fulfilling shopping experience in every aspect. With 2GUD, we have removed the trust deficit that exists in the refurbished goods market, and along with the added convenience, are offering customers yet another avenue to access quality products at the most affordable prices."

Anil Goteti, VP of Flipkart reported, "The refurbished goods market has remained highly fragmented and unorganized despite its size, primarily due to complex processes, and missing assurance on the quality of products. Unlike existing C2C platforms, 2GUD offers an organized space devoid of regular buyer-seller interactions, which simplifies the process for both parties. 2GUD further leverages Flipkart's capabilities in the service and support network to make it the preferred destination for certified, great-quality refurbished products."