Intel Core i7, Core i5, Pentium and Celeron CPUs Refreshed

Multinational chip maker company, Intel has overhauled its processors which belong to Haswell and Bay Trail series. As stated by the reports of CPU world, the company has dispatched its renovated "Haswell" processors, Pentium chips and "Bay Trail" Celeron. It is also claimed by the sources, that these successors of the microprocessor are retaining all the attribute of older versions.

Here, I first articulate that these are not newly fabricated chips based on new tectonics. According to sources, these processors signify that they only refreshed by the company to boost up and improve its clock speed. Intel's CPUs for desktops and laptops which are based on its prevailing Bay Trail and Haswell series are reasonably priced and consume low power. But the operating frequency of Haswell's chips is faster compared to the others.

If we talk about the traits of these modified processors, these are clocked at 2.8 GHz, 3 GHz and 2.6 GHz operating frequencies, for i5-4308U, i7-4578U and Core i5-4278U respectively. Intel's Haswell series have four CPU cores such as quad-core Core i7-4980HQ, which gives greatest Turbo boost frequency of 4GHz and clocked frequency of 2.8 GHz. The i7-4980HQ renders Hyper-Threading technology which is enabled by Intel in its newly launched microprocessor. It has thermal design power up to 47 Watt. This semiconductor device is priced at $623 by the corporation.

Now coming to the other processors, Core i7-4870HQ is clocked at 2.5 GHz and supports 3MB cache while Core i7-4770HQ runs at the clock speed of 2.2 GHz frequency which is lower than others and priced at $434. The i5-4210H gives faster clock rate among all that is 2.9GHz with 3MB cache. It also offers HD 4600 graphics unit.

The Celeron and Pentium processors named as N2940 and N3540 respectively come in new "Bay Trail" series. The operating frequency of Celeron N2940 is 1.58GHz and Pentium N3540 is clocked at 2.16 GHz with superior Burst technology. The company has priced these microprocessors at $107 and $161 respectively.