Microsoft reportedly working on Linux based Azure Cloud Switch

American multinational technocrat, Microsoft steps up with a bang in the global market. Company has recently published a news about its new operating system which lets the lovers to lose their mind with a bobbling concept. The news stated that, the company is now functioning on Azure Cloud Switch(ACS), a Linux-based operating system. The new CEO of the company, Satya Nadella is bringing a new phase in technologies but the world is still waiting for its surprise. ACS is known to be a cross platform operating system provided to run network devices like data centre switches. The new OS is not based on consumer-grade system, and it's not expected to be in user's PC or laptops in the near future.

The main motive to design Azure Cloud Switch(ACS) is to serve open source platform through which different kinds of networking devices can be accessed easily. The OS is basically invented for cloud-based and enterprise services. The concept behind its design is to ensure that network hardware manufacturers can easily frame the upgraded hardware architectures. At the same time , manufacturer will manage steady programming interface across the devices. ACS handles the specification of Switch Abstraction Interface(SAI)  which has been approved by Open Compute Project (OCP) as a regulated C Application Program Interface (API).

For providing low-cost, smooth, good and flexible solutions to programming network switch ASCIs, SAI is going to be the best one. ACS is defined as an internal tool by the Microsoft that operates debug, fix and test softwares quickly. Microsoft is allowing code for this operting system to the OCP, including non-profitable organizations like Facebook, Apple and many more.The presentation was organised at SIGCOMM in August of this year, with its debut held in March at OCP summit.

SAI also supporting features like Barefoot, Broadcom, Cavium, Dell, Mellanox and Metaswitch that  are even permitted by OCP. Microsoft published in a blog post that, the company wants to extend its Linux-based ACS opeating system. The reason behind this is to split, switch software and switch hardware, as from the company's point of view it would be the step towards the direction where networking industries are heading.