Petcube's New Wi-Fi Per Camera Flaunted at CES 2015

There have been some classy gadgets demoed at the CES 2015 meant to make the life easier. But, the Petcube has launched something unexpected to be the eye-candy at the event and the gadget it has launched is its new Wi-Fi enabled pet camera. This new piece of gear technology has been developed to take the pet as centre and making you able to play with them so that they don't make your home a mess. Talking about the features of this camera, users can contact it with both Android and iOS to download any app of their wish and use it accordingly. It also has an in-built laser pointer to keep your pet focused at one place. 

However, the design of this camera is not so good as it's a bit bigger in size with 4x4x4 inch dimensions, its lightweight according to its size though. But, the material used to manufacture this camera is also not of good quality and your pet can easily tear it apart with just 1 paw of theirs. It's definitely a huge downside for a camera that has been designed especially for the pet playing time.

 PetCube Wi-Fi Camera

The price of this camera would be around US $ 200 and that seems quite fit. Although, you will surely be requiring a bit of extra safety with separate Aluminum box or something like that. Still, this new Petcube Wi-Fi camera is a decent piece of technology to use, as per my opinion though.