PoochO App: Hiring an Auto in Delhi is No More Troublesome

Technology is reaching everywhere now-a-days. And, now it has been reached on the roads of Delhi. People face trouble when they need auto rickshaw to hire and find no-one near. What if there smartphones tell them about the nearer auto-rikshaws? One new app has been released for Delhiites, dubbed PoochO app which was launched by the Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung.

Now to help Delhi people the app has coming down on the roads with the 24000 GPS equipped autos. Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transit System (DIMTS) has sanctioned the development of the app. In the app, there is a DIMTS database of drivers which are registered for driving these autos. Smartphone users can access the DIMTS database of registered drivers' mobile numbers by using the app. People need to call on the number to get the auto hired.

PoochO App

The PoochO app will really be helpful for women who need to travel alone in nights. PoochO also gives the option of sharing about travels on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. To take the benefits of the app, smartphone users need to turn on the GPS. It is a kind of app which is very worthy for Delhi people during the peak time.

If the driver will refuse to pick the PoochO users with no suitable reason, then he will be going through a strict action for not picking up the app user. This is the best part of the app to increase its usability. The app will help drivers to reach at the passenger with no problem and to get the passengers also. It will be available for iOS and Android devices, and will be restricted to capital of the nation only. However, only Android smartphone users can take the benefits of this app yet but it will soon come for iOS device.