Samsung to Unveil SmartThing Hub Service in April, Demoed at CES 2015

A couple of months back in 2014, we told you about Samsung acquiring SmarThing Hub services to make your home as smart as your other devices like smartphone or your tablet. Now, at the CES 2015 Samsung has displayed this SmarThing Hub technology, which is ready to operate your home with minimum glitches and keep it safe by informing you or your neighbor in case of any emergency. The latest technology is faster than what was shown back, and there are many other features available for making it easier to work as well. However, the price for these samrthings hasn't been decided by the Samsung yet, but the launch date could be near to the April 2015 in North American reason.

The features of these new Samsung gears include cellular data options, battery backup, apps can be run on the local platform and better compatible with the power gone cases. The services will be out as the Smarthings Premium home subscription services that will call or text in case of any issues or unwanted events happening at your home.

These types of technologies are definitely worth installing as the unsocial elements are increasing these days. However, it'll take time to make all these things popular in large-scale as the price and feasibility are still the issues hammering down the possibilities of such technologies.