Withings Introduced a Smart-Sleep Clock with More Android Support

Withings, a smartwatch company reveals its Withing aura by introducing a Smartwatch, which will improve your sleep cycle. Now, for this you don't have to spent a hefty money of $300. Instead of this, Withing is rolling out this device at a lower cost of $190.

The device is connected with an alarm clock that keeps the sleep-regulating light and sound patterns by using the biometric sensor.

Now, talking about the savvy clock audio system, both the clock and the sleep system are getting tie in a spotify note. You can use its impressive streaming services of music catalog to fall asleep or wakeup. It is completely loaded with a suggested playlists based on your effectiveness and your mood setup.

It is an exciting news for the withing users that its entire device lineup supports Android, making this device more joyable and handful. With this improved feature and support of Android in the device makes you capable to control the Home HD security camera from your Galaxy or Nexus smartphone.

Withings hasn't detailed the exact information about the device to roll out, but it confirms that Android supports the Home HD will be available now.