5 Reasons not to Buy A low cost Android Phone

Rather than craving for top- end Android phones smartphones buyers go for low cost friendly phones. If you want to stick on using it for daily simple tasks like calling, web browsing then its okay, but if you are targeting it for other uses then low costs Android phones are not better options. Here are 5 reasons which can guide, why you must not go for cheap Android smartphones.


Display type

Cheap phones uses ordinary capacitive touch screen which only respond wherever user touches it, while in the high cost phone it has AMOLED, TFT or IPS screen which effects color, lighting, responsiveness, and battery life which increases its price.

Operating system

Android itself has a price and it will offer all the OS features buyers are looking for. The price changes according to the name of brand and the interface to make it better. Examples of these add-ons are the Samsung TouchWiz UI, HTC Sense UI, and LG Optimus UI to give smoother touch response.


Google Apps are included in the Android OS package and companies add something else that the user can access. Samsung Apps and HTC apps are examples of these applications which users can only find on their respective devices. Advance features like S-Pen feature is very exclusive to Galaxy Note devices which makes it very expensive.


Expensive batteries are more powerful, and thus, will cost more. A high-end device can have a special display type which makes phone more expensive than a basic Android device.

Hardware components

More processors, more RAM, and more powerful graphics chipset are going to add up to pile up charges. Presence of good RAM makes device fast and very responsive but most users do not know how to maintain it, and the clutter inside the device will eventually slow it down. If you do not intend to use the phone for high-tasking applications, there is no need to waste all the money for these branded mobiles.

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22nd, Feb 2013 5:19 AM
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