Auto Parking Car

Washington. Gone were the days when you have to park your car and waste your time in doing so or you have to appoint a driver to drive a car. Here comes Audi-A7 which is not only a self driver but it gives auto parking facility. It automatically searches the place for its parking in a multistory building for car parking.

When shopping gets over then this car will automatically come out of parking place and will stand in front of you just with single press of the button. Audi Car Company says that "The U.S. Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in front of the world he first introduced this unique car. The car is well-liked by all". Senior engineer of Audi Annie Lien says that at hotel mandarin situated at Los Vegas Audi 7 was parked automatically.

This car is controlled by special software. If the pick up button of car is pressed then car will start automatically and will stop in front of you. This is due to various sensors attached to it and is controlled by the software.

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16th, Jan 2013 4:03 AM
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