BMW unveiled its medium Luxury Car X4

Having a car brand like BMW is really a big dream of one's life. Now this dream can come true with launch of medium range new concept car. The car has unveiled at Shanghai Motor Show at the last of this month. BMW X4 is a combination of coupe and SUV and the company has considered it in a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). The production version of the car will start selling in 2014.

It is a tough competitor of medium luxury automobiles range, but company has not revealed its full specifications. It is a mix-up of X6 in terms of length. Its front is SUV style, grill and headlight is similar to 4 series coupe.

The shape of X4 is approximately same as X6 while tailgate and light is same as 3 series Gran Turismo. Company has not unveiled its price yet but its expected price is approx Rs.27 lacks 50 thousand. Even the interior pictures are not released by the company. Its architecture and mostly switch gear is similar to X63. The production of this car will start in Spartanburg, America.

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17th, Apr 2013 10:56 AM
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