Cure for the up Surging problem of the World Obesity

To make our life simpler and better we have so many gadgets whether it's a mobile which makes you to remain in contact with your loved one at any place or it's about computer which makes your work easier and faster and now here comes a new gadget which guard your health like a researcher. Now technical sector is putting emphasis on the applications, games, health by introducing new gadgets.

The U.S recently held "Consumer Electronic Show" where they introduce new gadgets which not only check our health but also it gives remedy for the cure of the diabetes caused due to obesity.

Some of the gadgets are –

Dance dance revolution gadget - This gadget is specially designed for children. Now a day's obesity is seen in children so a gadget called dance dance revolution is specially designed for them by the well re known "Konami Digital Entertainment Company". This gadget reduces the cholesterol deposited inside the muscles. This gadget is a video game where the game is connected to the mechanics and psychology of the children. As per the survey the result comes out is appreciable.

Re-Timer – It is introduced by Clair Hobbin. This gadget is placed above your eye flashing light 500 nanometer far. This gadget is useful for those people who use travel frequently and work in different shifts. The price of gadget is $282.

The fitness pedometer - This gadget during walking steps, distance, diet and fitness activities that monitor the uplink with a website.

Exercise arm band - This gadget is for the diabetic people and keep watch on the Heart beat rate and blood sugar.

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17th, Jan 2013 3:54 AM
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