Does Salad also makes you fatty

According to a research it has concluded that if your salad is made with wrong ingredients and extra dressing can be harmful and unhealthy for you.

People who are on diet and think of to have salad with dressing in a restaurant when they go out, it has 1,000 calories and also increase their weight. Restaurant salad contains higher calories and if you think it does not affects your health and then you are absolutely wrong because it is similar to that food which makes you pile of kilos on the weighing meter.

According to an advertising executive Amisha Sinha from Mumbai,"I had decided to have salad diet in my lunch two months ago and I took carrots and put peanut butter also and slowly I started having a lot of peanut butter that caused a lot of gain in my weight".

Vikram Ramani from the same city also avoided heavy meal in his lunch and switched to fresh salad from office canteen, they use to put a lot of mayonnaise and barbecue garnishing on the salad which was making him sleepy and sluggish and soon he had to discontinue the diet.

Expert dietician Rima Goswami says,"People think that any kind of salad they have is healthy and good for health but this is not true, cheese and nuts all are to be considered as avoidable things".

According to nutritionist Vaishali Mehta, the person who has high blood pressure could be affected more by this kind of salad because salty ingredients contain more level of sodium. People have to use only tablespoon of dressing in a large bowl and try only fresh beans, sweet potato, broccoli and red peppers.

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5th, Dec 2012 5:12 AM
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Source: Times of India

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