Eye Care Tips How to make Eyes Beautiful

Eleven tips for beautiful eyes:

1. Remove eyes makeup before going to bed and wash the eyes thoroughly with cold water. In the morning, eyes wash well by splashing cold water.

2. Eyes should be wash with triphala or rose water once or twice in a week. This tip will clear eyes dust, dirt and germs, as well as increasing the brightness of the eyes.

3. When your eyes looks too cumbersome and tired then cotton wool dipped in rose water and keep an eye on. It gives them the coolness and freshness.

4. Eyes should be protect from sun, bad smoke, toxic gases and shall no longer exist in that position. Watch television from the sufficient space. If eye irritation, then wash them with rose water.

5. Waking up late at night and sleeping after sunrise has a negative impact on the eye. Their sharpness and void is generated and succulence as seems to be missing.

6. Do not operate continuously. Between the work, Keep the palms of both hands on them and continue to rest a few minutes.

7. To cut cucumbers and keep them on both eyes and lie down comfortably. After sometime you feel better.

8. Applying cotton soaked with Raw potato juice clear your under eyes darkness.

9. While putting cream massage on the face then gently tap around the eyes.

10. In the early morning, walk barefoot on green grass gives eyes really relaxes.

11. Drink lemon juice every morning before eating, it contains vitamin C in the lemon, orange, guava, etc. are good sources of vitamin c.

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6th, Feb 2013 3:58 AM
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