Facebook Home application gives tough Competition to Google

Seeing interest of users and need in the hot market Facebook has launched its new application 'Facebook Home'. Though, this is not just an app but more than that. Rumors are there that this app highjack your mobile and make it fully Facebook phone. According to critics, this is developed to increase its popularity by acquiring other operating system. The main effect can be seen on the Google smart phone software 'Android'.

Social Device

As per Mark Zukerberg this app will convert into social device, but Android Companies are taking this app as a risk. After installing Facebook Home, Facebook wallpaper will be automatically set on your handset screen and you will get messages and status updates on it.

To connect users with the services like Gmail, Google Map, search engine etc Google has launched smartphone software ‘Android’ which at present is the popular operating system. Expert says after launching of Facebook Home, Google will soon lose its monopoly in the market because this app will acquire whole phone and divert users of Google. Application has cover feed, chat head, networking and app launcher.

Smartphone based messaging apps provide services like making friend network, photo, video and music and some other apps like Kick, white app, Kakau tonk, line and we chat. So to give a tough competition to other Facebook has launched this app.

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8th, Apr 2013 3:13 PM
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