Fire at the Five Star Hotel in Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad, there was a panic in the 5 star Hotel Courtyard Marriott (with 164 rooms, over 4500 sq ft meeting space), is situated at the Ramdev four way of Ahmadabad (the capital of Gujarat, India), because of the sudden break the fire off in the kitchen's fireplace (chimney).

There was fire in the fireplace in the hotel's kitchen although the progression of the fire could be controlled using the working fire safety system and with the help of the fire-brigade the fire fully controlled within small amount of time. In the morning, As soon as the fire started in the kitchen of the hotel's first floor the smoke began to rise up in the air.

Seeing this the hotel management sent out all the guests of the hotel by ringing the fire alarm for the purpose of the safety. A lot of people gathered around due to fire. Police removed the gathered crowd from the street. The FSL team is set to investigate the reason of the fire. There is not any report of the loss of life and the property in this event.

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4th, Feb 2013 8:08 AM
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