Gold down by Rs 840 and Silver up by Rs 800

Indian rupee has got strong and by the profit in business, Gold has gone cheaper and it got down by Rs. 840. This yellow metal business considered on Rs. 32,000 per 10gm on Friday. Even on Thursday also the price of Gold had gone down.

On the other side with the help of industrial units and coin manufacturers, silver's price was by Rs. 800 and this white metal turned 62,000 per kg.

Indian rupee went cheaper against US Dollars so the business market got slow down in broker street and jewellery gold also got cheap by Rs. 840 and the price was Rs. 31,900 per 10gm. 8gm ginni also went cheap by Rs. 50 and the price was Rs. 25,550. Opposite on this, silver's weekly delivery had profit of Rs.350 and the price considered Rs. 62,860. Silver coin was at the level of Rs. 79000-80000 per 100.

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1st, Dec 2012 5:12 AM
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Source: Jagran
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