Gold price is at its Historic Level

Gold has reached its highest level in the history of 32,950 per 10 grams due to the wedding season. The more demand in Delhi bullion market has increased the rate and before this the last highest level was 32,900 per 10 grams on 14 September.

The manager of Goyal Jewelers V.K.Goyal said that Gold price are continuously increasing in the international market and in the domestic market the demand is increasing due to the festive and wedding season.

In the international market the price has increased by $71 per ounce. On last 2nd November the rate was $1,680 per ounce but on 23rd November it was $ 1,751 per ounce. Perhaps due the profit collection of the investors the price was 3 dollars down and it noticed on 1,748 ounce per dollar.

Silver price also came up on Monday in the domestic market and increased by Rs.200 per kg. and become Rs. 63,200. In the foreign market the business was down by $34.13 per ounce and noticed on $34.09 per ounce. High gold price effects of every jewellery items.

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27th, Nov 2012 7:11 AM
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