Google Glass Video 2013

What you want in a life? Perhaps a thing, a small thing that could do wonders without doing labor. It is like you just speak and things happen, more than a smart phone and more than any technology. Everyone wants this kind of thing but is it possible? Perhaps yes.

Google has featured a video in which it has shown a spec or you can say in its language 'Google Glass'. This wonder and amazing technology can do many miracle things. You speak and it will do all what you say.

You say Record and it will record things, you say take picture and it will take picture, you say 'share' and it will share wherever you want and also you can translate any language. It is available in five different colors, whichever you choose it will do wonders in front of your eyes.

So just tell what you want and it will do for you. it is a innovation, it is great technology, evolutionary design and on the whole a great invention, Google Glass.

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23rd, Feb 2013 4:08 AM
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