Google and Apple are going to buy Kodak patents

According to sources Apple and Google companies are to buy the patents of Kodak of approx $500 million out of bankruptcy. Both the companies are in the competition for dominance of the smart phone market have become partner to buy 1,100 imaging patents of Kodak.

The trio of Apple, Microsoft and Research in Motion has bought approx 6000 patents for $4.5 billion of Nortel Networks and Google had lost this opportunity after the offer of $900 million individually.

The former vice president of Intellectual Property at IBM Rechard Ehrlickman said that Google and Apple have faced a lesson after Nortel auction. They have decrease the cost and together for Kodak patents for the need of their business.

Kodak has also said in court document that the patents cost may be $2.21 billion or $2.57 billion that will be according to the estimate by patent advisory firm that has 284 partners. The digital imaging patents have generated $3 billion for licensing the companies like Samsung, LG, Nokia and Motorola mobility unit.

So this portfolio will be depending on the advisory firm.

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10th, Dec 2012 3:18 PM
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Source: Times of India
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