HCG Diet Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone made by the development of placenta after fertilization. It forms during pregnancy by some cancerous tumors and if the patient is not pregnant than the tumor can be cured. The FDA has disallowed the sale of homeopathic along with hCG diet product as illegal on 6th December, 2011.

The structure of hCG has a composition of 237 amino acids their molecular mass is 25.7 kDa. It enhances the corpus luteum maintenance along with interaction of LHCG receptor during pregnancy. It refers to a very low calorie diet according to the study by Albert T.W. Simeons, British endocrinologist.

The diet controls metabolic function with hCG diet protocols. It combines high protein, ultra low calorie and low carbohydrates that are being had by dose of hCG injections. This drug is not approved by the government in terms of safe and secure treatment. According to a disclaimer for this drug the Food and Drug Administration has mandated in 1976 that hCG does not affect fully in weight loss or obesity along with reducing hunger. It is not an authorized weight loss drug even in countries like United States.

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