Half Generation Stuck on Smartphones

The magic of smartphones laced with latest features is on country's young generation head. That's why the number of smartphone users is increasing continually. The number of users has exceeded 4 million in last year. A survey showed that half of these smart users are young having age not more than 25 years.

Research company Nielsen prepared a report by surveying 46 cities of more than 10 thousand smartphone users in between September to October last year. It turns out that the craze among people is for Android phones. There is large number of Symbian phone users but the market share of windows, blackberry, and apple is in single digit.

The number of young people who use the tablet in the country is growing too fast. During the survey, 3 percent people out of ten thousand told that they have tablet, while 11 percent said that they will buy tablet soon.

Growing threat

The number of Android phone users is increasing day by day thus it is increasing the risk of virus as well. The country's prestigious computer security agency computer emergency response team (CERT) has warned about a malware application.

Which sends the smartphone's users data to unknown people without their knowledge. This loads in the name of superclean or droidcleaner.

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13th, Feb 2013 6:40 AM
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