Hot Chix, New Quick Service Restaurant in Mumbai

Mumbai, A new 40 seater franchised restaurant is recently opened in the city which is located on the Andheri Kurla Road, Saki Naka. It is a quick service restaurant, titled as 'Hot Chix', which provides both open flames grilled and fried chicken on its menu and host of other delicious quick bites for both veggie and other.

Its menu is firmly offers a range of vegetarian options like Mexican Paneer Wrap (Paneer strips with spicy Mexican sauce, crunchy lettuce and fresh vegetable all rolled in a tortilla and grilled), the veg Bermuda (classic veg patty and herb chilli potato patty separated by a cheese slice in lettuce and spicy Mexican sauce wrapped in a tortilla and grilled), and others.

Gregory Lobo, Managing Partner, Hot Chix said, "Wide consumer appeal and marketplace expertise have made Hot Chix a powerful, growing, global brand. This year Hot Chix plans to expand its presence at an unprecedented pace. We hope to have as many as 50 more restaurants — both franchisee-operated as well as company-owned by end 2014."

"Hot Chix considers Mumbai and Maharashtra as a key strategic market with huge potential for future growth. A buoyant market environment will see Hot Chix scaling its presence to more restaurants in Mumbai and launch across all major cities in the country through franchisee and self-owned restaurants this year," he added.

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22nd, Jan 2013 5:25 AM
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