Indian Mujahideen sent Email to Five Star Hotel

Gurgaon/New Delhi, An Officer of a five star hotel got an Email; in this email they mentioned to repeat to do same as they did in Mumbai, they wrote in the email that 'after Mumbai its Delhi's turn now'.

While other threats such as the five-star Hotel Leela Gurgaon Mall Anbins the manager's got the threatening e-mail on his id (Now Pakistan's Commerce Minister visited Parry, Will India). This threatening e-mail is sent from of Indian Mujahideen e-mail id on Sunday Afternoon. At DLF Phase-2 police station at Sunday's late night, police registering an FIR against the unknown began to investigate the IT Act.

Threatening e-mail about my hotel from the chief security officer retired Col. Rajesh Tiwari made complain in DLF Phase-2 station. It is told; on the official mail id of the hotel's manager roger Wright got an email at quarter past one on Sunday.

This mail is sent from the They threatened to bomb the hotel along with other threaten matter it was also written "AA tar Mumbai naau Delhi".

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21st, Jan 2013 2:24 AM
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vil gopal
vil gopal These terrorists are baffoons, gays and idiots of their organisation. These terrorists- baffoons should be garlanded with sandals. These terrorists organisation like SIMMI, IM, JUD are killing innocent peoples of our country. If any public come across over these type of baffoons-terrorists kill them on the spot. These terrorists are not islamists preachers. They are the beggars killing innocent peoples in the name of jihad. These terrorists are using madrassas to train young childrens as a terrorists in pakistan. These terrorists should eat cow dung and urine to vanish their sin. They are coward......+919620504282, India
Reply 8th, May 2014 12:43 AM
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