Know how to charge your mobile with just one SMS

If you face a situation where your mobile battery is getting down and electricity is not available then how will you charge it? But you can charge your mobile easily even there is no charger and electricity. And if you are thinking that how it can happen then there is a solution in only one SMS.

If your phone battery is down and you cannot charge it then just send one SMS and the battery will be charged. One company 'Buffalo Grid' from London has presented mobile phones which run on solar power and their battery get charged by sending only one SMS. In villages of Asia and Africa, the electric power supply is very low and these devices will be very useful for those areas. Perhaps this SMS will be paid but it is very useful in any emergency situation.

The cost of this SMS in Uganda is 110 Shilling. According to new scientist this technique of the company was adopted in Uganda. After sending the SMS the battery will start taking power from 60 watt solar panel based on Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The solar panel will work according to the sunlight. It features a technique by which battery get s charged and when customer sends SMS then an LED light on battery socket that indicates battery is charging.

According to the company fully charged 1 unit works for three days. There are 10 charging points and 30 to 50 mobiles can get charged in one day. Company is planning to contact networking companies to reduce the cost of the SMS or make it free.

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8th, Apr 2013 12:54 PM
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