Lauren Adriana The Designer Unveils London Store

London, The jewelery designer Lauren Adriana recently opened a new shop named as London store in London, England. The discreet frontage shop of Lauren Adriana tempts clients to seem slightly familiar and expand the unique and exclusive enrolled world. Her shop's has limited selection of pieces on show but the shop allows the space to all jewel and magnanimous that it deserves.

She has created a dozen of new works for the opening, all of those has Adriana's signature style in bold color schemes and dazzling stones. Her store comprises a huge range of materials such a sCopper, bronze and aluminium to produce an exceptional Radically new or original jewels.

Lauren is highlighted by her works of jewellery collectors, editor of magazine and as an industry professionals in jewellery design. After completion of graduation from the central saint martins(2007), she went to Notting hill where she evolved her craft and set up herself.

Her work is attended for distinguish use o f color and extraordinary heed to particular. Each and every item is a jewel that is beyond the typical – a noteworthy form that tell her singular vision.

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4th, Feb 2013 7:57 AM
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