Moisturizing Jeans by Wrangler Company

Wrangler Company has introduced a new type of jeans in the market which moisturize your leg and make it soft. This jeans is designed by Lizzie Jaeger. The specialty of this jeans is that it is skin fit having high performance skin care product which protect your skin from dehydration caused during winter season.

At present denim spa jeans are available in three types - Alovera, olive extract and smooth legs. To make this product more efficient hydrating properties of apricot kernel oil, passion fruit oil, rose ship oil, shiya butter etc have been used.

Lizzie says that this jeans is more durable and comfortable than regular jeans and also while taking it out you will feel your skin as smooth as silk. On 28 Jan this jeans will come in the market for sale and the cost fixed is near about 85 pound (Rs7200). the moisturizing effect will last in 15 days so to increase it Wrangler has also launched Reynold Spray which brings back silky effect on your skin.

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22nd, Jan 2013 2:26 AM
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