Most Expensive Restaurants in India

India is having lots of expensive restaurants which have their own specialty. Some have special service facility, some are famous for their building structure, some are known for their high rates. One such restaurant is situated in Delhi. Delhi public is crazy for food and as a proof you can check this on their Facebook profile. Delhi has thousands of restaurant lovers. Big café of Khan Market have 70,000 followers whereas Khan Chacha’s have 50,000.

Lebua hotel and resort situated in Dwarka runs by an international chain. This restaurant is not for common people but for the special one whose pockets have much money to afford this hotel bill. The specialty of this restaurant is that it is the most expensive restaurant of our country India. Here two person food costs Rs 50,000 including tax. Not a single bulb is seen in this restaurant the brightness is through 1100 candles. The interior is cool, neat and well ventilated.

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22nd, Jan 2013 2:12 AM
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