Nikon S1 Features Compel you to Buy

Nikon has released its new entry level cameras namely Nikon 1. It revealed the price and specification of the Nikon S1- the first camera in its new S-series range. Nikon S1, the 10.1 MP camera, has features much of the same second-generation technology camera viz Nikon 1 cameras like the recent Nikon V2 and it provides a new graphic user interface.

Nikon S1 camera has a range of features; it includes an advanced hybrid AF system that supports phase detection AD for high speed movement and Contrast detect AF for capturing subtle details even in low light and the sensor switches between the 73 phase detection focus areas and the 135 contrast detect focus areas depending on the scene.

Nikon S1 can record full HD movies at 30 and 60 fps and 30p, 60i, and 60p frame rates. It can even capture full resolution photos while filming. One can also record the slow motion with the speeds of up to 1200fps.

The Nikon S1 compact system camera is available in white, pink, khaki, red, and black with the kit lenses and its price tag is set Rs. 42030.10 with the 11-27.5mm kit.

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22nd, Jan 2013 4:18 AM
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